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"I've taken many other glucosamine supplements on the market. Unfortunately, none of them contained MSM and Chondroitin all in one supplement. It wasn't very cost-effective. I tried Loosen Up and love it because it contains all three of these in one! My joints and wallet are thanking me!"

"I started to notice a difference after 12 days, which only got better. I have been getting gray hair on my sides for the past 8 years. The sides are very hard to dye. This product takes away that expense, and it's natural, so I don't have to worry about polluting my body, and the environment with chemicals. I have never written a review before. This product really, really works!
John - Queens,NY

"Wow!!! What a wonderful feeling waking up this morning without that constant heavy, sleepy, tired, no energy feeling I've had for the past week. I'm so happy to say that I had immediate results! I might actually get some stuff done today. Thanks for all y'all do!!!!"
Rachel H./CO

"I always liked the effect of my blond hi-lites on my light brown hair - but lately my roots were looking more gray and my hair was dry looking. I heard about GO AWAY GRAY on the news and bought some at my local health food store. In a few months my roots started growing out brown again and my hair got healthier and thicker. I will continue using GO AWAY GRAY ."
Rosemary A./ Shingle Springs, CA

"Go Away Gray is working for me. My beard was totally gray, and now it is a blend of brown and gray. I can also see the hair on my temples coming in dark. It hasn't changed the gray hairs I already had, but the roots are definitely darker. I have been using this product for 9 weeks, and I just started noticing the change."
Mike/ON, Canada

"I'm delighted to say that 6-7 weeks into Go Away Gray, it seems to be working! I am 59 years old and most of my hair usually grows through 100% bright, shiny silver, without a trace of my old color. But now I can say that, within the 3 weeks since my last trip to the salon for the root color, there must be at least 15-20% growing back with full color. I expect that's just going to get better as the weeks go by. It really is amazing, and there seem to be no side effects whatsoever, except that even my skin doesn't seem quite as pale and frail-looking."
Sarah H./ME

"I am a seventy year old male with a full head of hair. My hair has started a "salt and pepper" look with some streaks of gray. Tried this stuff (Go Away Gray), and my hair looks darker and has increased in fullness. It has helped me, and in particular, my eyebrows have begun to look much darker. Best of luck using the product!"
G. Bedrosian

"Two months into taking it (Go Away Gray) - twice a day as recommended, and HUGE DIFFERENCE. Yes. After taking this for two months the hair on my head that was completely white, has about 50% dark hair coming in now. Plus, I feel like it has thickened my hair with some new growth coming in now. The NEW growth coming in is definitely my dark natural pre-gray color. Not only that, but my eyebrows have thickened and some hair is coming in there darker too. Go figure. Somehow it is working."
J. Samson/USA

"After hearing and seeing this product on the national news, I thought I would give it a try. I am 60 years old, and about 75% gray. After 2 weeks, I started to notice my hair restoring to its natural color. I am now on my 4th week, and about 60% of my natural color has been restored, and it has been done in a subtle way."
J. Falco

"After the first 3 months of Go Away Gray, I can see my white roots coming in darker. I'm very impressed!"

"My hair is growing in at the roots in its dark brown color...approximately 1/2 inch so far. I have been using this product for two months. I did not think it would work because my hair is completely grey all over the crown. I am really amazed with this product, because I used to dye my hair every six weeks to keep color in it but the roots grow very fast. The toxins in the hair dye are very polluting to the body. The results are significant, and I like my natural hair color that is growing back. Also, I noticed that my hair is thicker, and my skin looks better. Plus, your product is natural, has vitamins, and is non-toxic. Thank you, and keep up the good work!!"
J. O'Malley/Lake Forest Park, WA

"I heard about Go Away Gray on Channell 11 News, so I bought a bottle for my mom. She took it and could tell a difference within the first two weeks, so I ordered more last week!"

"WOW! I couldn't wait for extra money to reorder your products! I would pay for Express shipping if you offered it!"
S.C/Taylor, MI

"Excellent customer service!"
Rise-N-Shine Lover

"Being a schoolteacher, your Wake Up On Time is perfect for my schedule! I don't go to sleep without it!"

"I was referred to you by a news story on Go Away Gray in my area. At first, I was skeptical, but in as little as 3 weeks, I noticed changes to my natural hair color!"

"I have been buying your Go Away Gray product. The product works, because my husband, who is prematurely white haired, is now turning back to black hair. I've also tried the Royal Flush and the Light'N UP products - both wonderful and harmful side effects. Great company!!"
Mary M.

" I have used the products since reading about the Wake Up On Time, in a magazine. I have only had extremely positive experience with this company!"

"I have used this product for one month. I am very satisfied with it. It took away the white in my hair, and made it blonde...the color I was dying my hair!"

"I can see the new growth after 2 weeks. My roots are my natural color, and no longer gray. I posted the link on facebook!
B.Sava/N. Hollywood, CA

"It's working!!!!!"
G. Brossey/Frisco, TX

"I notice the gray is coming in lighter and seems to be helping my hair...also I notice my health is quite better than it was!"
C. Newton

"I had been taking Go Away Gray for a little over a month, when my barber had told me he noticed my natural hair color coming through at the roots! It was a welcomed shock!"
James T./Boston, MA

"After only taking Go Away Gray for a short time, I have noticed not only a change in my hair color, but my skin as well! I get questions all the time on what I'm doing to bring about this change. It's my secret beauty weapon!"
Patricia W./ New York, NY

"I saw your product Go Away Gray on channel 3 Health Alert and made a purchase of 3 bottles for $59.90 and I must say WOW! This product truly works! Just recently a friend asked what I had done to my hair, and I had to share my secret! I just wanted to say "thank you". I have 1 bottle left and I will be making another purchase very soon!"
Tina/Perkasie, PA

"I have been taking Go Away Gray for almost two weeks, and I am starting to notice a difference in my hair. It is coming in fuller, and the roots are darker with color!!!! I hope that I will continue to see results! So far, I am very impressed!! Thank you again!!"
Frances C./Newark, DE

"I saw Go Away Gray on the local news. The Consumer Reports News anchor was giving a review and gave good I gave it a try. I am seeing less gray than normal - even my wife is asking what is going on (she's the one with the tweezers plucking). I must admit, I missed a few days, but with this order I won't!"
Darryl S./Tracy CA

"A friend and I started using Go Away Gray on March 11, 2010 (four weeks ago). We had seen a story on it on the local CBS LA news. Unbelievably, it works! This is our second order.
Elaine S./San Clemente, CA

"WOW!!!! All I can say is thank you! Not only do you have a great product (Stay Up All Day), you know how to conduct business. Believe me, I will be telling everyone! Thank you again."
Nicole C./Florence, OR

"I have gotten Stay Up All Day, Wrinkle Remedy, and Wake Up On Time, and have enjoyed them all!!! Thank you for your prompt service, and your excellent products!"
Denise A./Austin MN

"My daughter has had a severe problem waking up for many years. This problem was not deliberate or lazy, she would be devastated to realize that she had slept past things that she had looked forward to doing. She went to doctors and even went to a sleep clinic. We both researched any/everything we could but to no avail. WAKE UP ON TIME WAS THE MIRACLE FOR WHICH I HAD PRAYED! Your product has changed her life. I know she can't be the only person that suffers from this affliction. I want to tell anyone and/or their family who are considering Wake Up On Time: THIS PRODUCT WORKS!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

"This product (Wake Up On Time) is amazing. I have to be up by 4:30am and in the car by 6am on weekdays. Since I have started taking this product, I don't feel groggy once I am up. I have never found anything else that works like this. Plus, there is no issue with good sleep all night. I heard about Wake Up On Time through Self Magazine. I am so glad I found this product. Thanks!"
Patricia/Martinsburg, WV

"Hi- I received my first bottle of "Wake Up On Time" about a week ago. It arrived within only three days submitting my order. so far it has worked fantastic for me. Before I had such a hard time getting out of bed, I would hit the snooze button at least three or more times each day. I have always wished I could be a "morning person" and now I actually am! Now I wake up before my alarm goes off- without the urge to just crawl back under the covers and fall asleep. I have also started working out again, because I now have that extra time in the morning to head to the gym before work. "wake up on time" has certainly met my expectations and I have told everyone I know about it! thank you very much."
Brenda/Millis, MA

" I would wake up every morning so groggy nothing would get me out of bed. I'd just want to stay in bed all day. My sister told me about Wake Up On Time and she begged me to try it and boy am I glad she did. For the first time in my life I can say that I get out of bed the second my alarm clock goes off and I am not groggy! "
Carmela R./Davie, FL

" I heard about your product in a magazine. I think it was a medical or health magazine. Wake Up On Time has been a miracle for me. I used to get up early when I worked full-time, because I had to. Now that I am a stay-at-home mom with two small children, I could not drag myself out of bed any earlier than I had to, which was when the kids woke up. I felt sluggish all morning and unproductive. I tried setting my alarm, going to bed earlier, and reducing my caffiene intake, but nothing worked. Now (since taking Wake Up On Time) I'm getting up at 5 a.m., 3 days a week and working out at the gym. I can't believe how great I feel early in the morning. Some days I take Wake Up On Time so that I can get up early to get other things done. I feel SO GREAT on the days that I take it that I want to take it every day. I don't feel any kind of withdrawl on the days that I don't take it. So I am just thrilled with the product and I've told several people about it so far! Thanks for thinking of this!!! "
Elisabeth S./ Richmond, VA

" I have never been a morning person and always have difficulty getting it together in the A.M. I have two children and a career and was consistently irritable having to get them ready and myself ready each day, even after drinking my coffee.
I started to take Wake Up On Time. I couldn't believe it actually worked the very first time I used it. I noticed a considerable change in my energy level. I actually went on a business trip and forgot to bring my Wake Up On Time and was truly miserable. I can not believe how effective it is and I just can not function without it. Another great thing is that it has vitamins in it that are very good for me so I am putting great stuff into my body as well. "
Filomena P./Wayne, NJ

" For the past few years I have suffered from severe insomnia. I was perscribed one sleeping pill after another from my doctors and found that the only one that worked well was also extremely strong and left me horribly groggy and lethargic in the mornings. I had so much trouble waking up for work that I would often be late and even miss entire days. I was so close to getting fired, which I couldnt afford. Many nights I had to decide if I should take the sleeping pill, and get sleep - or skip it and spend the night tossing and turning watching TV. Neither of these options was great for my mornings. Then I was told about and while skeptical,I purchased a bottle from your site and hoped for the best. Not only has your product saved my job, but its made me a nicer, more energetic person throughout the day. I don't really know how to thank you guys, but I thought I should share my story. Wake up on time is a wonder pill and theres no other way to describe it. My alarm goes off and I am up and alert immediatley. I have the energy to bounce out of bed and start my day. Since I've been using your product I haven't been late to work once, and people are even noticing I'm more " animated " and in a much better mood. I just want you guys to know how much I appreciate your product. I reccomend it any chance I can and I will continue to use wake up on time to make my work day a whole lot easier. So, THANK YOU! "
Rose A./ Monmouth Junction, NJ

" I read about Wake Up on Time in Woman's World magazine. I have been taking the pills for quite a while now and really love them. I can really tell a difference when I do not take them and when I take them. I wake up much better and am ready to face the day with a smile when I take them. Keep up the good work! Now, if only you could make a weight loss pill that worked as good as Wake Up on Time! Thanks for being interested in my personal progress. It really makes it nice to know there are real people on the other side of this product. "
Robbi H./Odessa, TX

" I heard about Wake up on time from some of the moms at school. I have used it two ways: I have taken it before bedtime and have woke up feeling full of energy and ready to start my day, [and] I have taken it in the morning [so I] have a burst of energy in the mid afternoon when I would normally be ready to crash and take a nap. It is a product that we all need and it is about time something like this is available. "
Lorainne N./Sparta, NJ

" Wake-up On Time has worked wonders for me. Before I started using it, I was constantly feeling groggy in the early morning. Most mornings, I would hit the snooze button on my alarm so many times, I would wind up being consistently late. As I started taking Wake-up On Time I could feel the effects immediately. I now wake up feeling energized and refreshed, and feel no need to hit the snooze button! I recommend Wake-up On Time to anyone who has a career in which being prompt and focused is a necessity. "
Steve Nagle, Morning Producer
WAQY-FM/Springfield, MA

" I am actually ordering this product for my husband. He loves it. He is not a morning person and has always had a hard time waking up. He heard about this product on the Dallas CBS evening news. He was very excited about it and we read everything on your website and decided to order. It has really helped him. I take it once in a while if I want to get up really early. We both love the product. Thanks! "
Melanie K./Crandall, TX

" I travel a lot and heard it reviewed during a newswcast in Los Angeles (I live in Seattle) about 6 months ago. This is my 3rd shipment, I'm very impressed. It works well, i am not a morning person at all, have never been. I like that I wake up feeling like I should...naturally. I have other reasons I should take extra B vitamins so it is a double bonus for me. The product is great- my only suggestion would be to make them more accessible! " :)
Kelly/Seattle, WA

" I read about your product in Woman's World Magazine. I have using it for over six months and I LOVE IT. I am almost always awake before the alarm clock rings. And I can certainly tell the differenfe if I forget to take it. This product has been a blessing - I am raising my grandaughter who will soon be two years old and when she wakes up, she is ready to go at full speed and now I do too. "
Robin E./Indianapolis, IN

" I am a mother again after 19 years. (I'm 51 now) I have a 20 year old and a 22 month old. Two boys... I knew I would be tired, but never in a million years like this! The worst time of day is the morning. I'm not a morning person and I've always been a " sleep in” kind of person. Those days are over for quite a while. I tried your product because I read about it in Allure (I think). It works so well for me that minutes after taking it I'm fine but not crabby and jittery. I've never been much of a coffee drinker so this is perfect for me. I've thought about ordering your sleep product since it's my 20 year that keeps me
up at night. I may give it a try one of these days. "
DJ F./ Los Angeles, CA

" I love this product! Thanks. "
Patricia M./ WV

" Thanks- I've actually been using the product for about a year now and really like it! "
Candy Z./Aurora, IL

" A friend of mine told me about your products and while I have not used the stay up all day supplements yet, the wake up on time really really work. Particularly after a night out of drinking. I gave a bottle to my friend who is working a trade show in New Orleans and he said they've worked really well for him too. So if they can get you up early in New Orleans, they must work! Haha. "
Shannon T./ Los Angeles, CA

" A friend who just had a baby found your site and she ordered and said that they worked. I have had a lot of trouble waking up in the mornings...I will hit the snooze for sometimes 45 minutes. Ridiculous! But what is worse is if I dont get enough sleep I will turn it completely off. Needless to say, I’m on 60 day probation at my job. It is crazy what the stress of 2 jobs can cause. Not enough time in the day anymore. But I am having to realize that sleep is much more important and what is not completed today will be waiting for me tomorrow. Your pills are helping. I am popping right out of bed with two feet on the floor. I do hear my alarm and even though I continue to hit snooze (out of habit of course) I don’t fall back into a coma state and I have not been late to work. Keep your fingers crossed for me. So cheers to your invention....good job. "
Tamra D./ Amarillo, TX

" The product " Wake up on Time " has worked really well for me. I can definitley notice a difference upon waking in the morning. This is the third time I've placed an order for it. Thanks. "
Teresasa M./ Doylestown, PA

" I picked up my order from the post office today, thanks very much as I ran out a week ago and have really been missing them! I first read about your product in a magazine in my doctor's waiting room. I'm not 100% on the title but I think it was a US Instyle magazine. The magazine recommended the product, saying it really does work. Personally, I find I can actually get out of bed without too much effort if I've taken your product. I'm also less groggy. I was hoping for a real kick in the pants with them that would have me springing out of bed. Although they don't give me that, they certainly make enough of a difference to make me want to take them - that's four bottles now! I have three young children who are always standing by my bed before I'm standing by theirs, so thanks so much for making a difference to the start of my day and giving my kids a less grumpy mummy in the morning! Cheers! "
Jacqui S./ Vic, Austrailia

" Just thought that I would let you know that I received my order about a week ago, and I LOVE this stuff!!! I was skeptical at first, but I am soooo happy that I purchased this product!! I am truly amazed!! I will be ordering again soon, and I think I will even try some of your other products!! Thanks so much for the quick shipment and for the email follow ups!! "
Heather D./ Liberty, MO

" I placed an order a while ago - I originally heard about the product on CBS news and then I looked it up online. The product works wonders! Totally worth it! Amazing results - just as stated. My first order was for only 3 bottles so I've been without it for months. I'm so excited to get my order & get back into an easy morning wake up routine, which gets me to work on time thanks to Wake Up on Time. I love your product and can't wait to get my order! I signed up for the auto shipment....
Thank you! "
Heather N./ East Setauket, NY

" Hello, I am very satisfied with the results of your product I have told everyone I know, and I am eager to try more!
Thank you, "
Krystina S./Houston, TX

" I heard about it on a local radio station (KRSN) and have been using it for over a yearand I can really tell the difference. My husband has to get up at 4:00am each day and it has helped him to be alert at that early hour. "
Vicki D./South Jordan, UT

" I love this product. It consistently helps me wake up clear-headed and ready to embrace the day. No sluggish mornings anymore. Thanks! "
Jennifer H./ Sherman Oaks, CA

" I heard about your product on TV originally. I have been using Wake Up On Time for months now, and have been impressed with the difference it makes. I am able to awaken much more alert and ready to go. I ran out of the product about two weeks ago, and within a few days I began to tell a distinct difference. It would be harder for me to get going, and then I would start losing energy by around 9am and basically stay tired and sleepy much of the day. I am anxious to receive my order and see how quickly the alertness returns. I have recommended it to several of my friends. "
Randall T./Burlison, TN

" I am not sure how I heard about it. I think a Parenting magazine or maybe (not sure!). I think it works great though I take it in the morning so I don't crash in the afternoons, instead of overnight. I ordered two so a friend could try them. Thanks for a great product. "
Rebecca M/Seattle, WA

" Thanks for taking time to make a personal non-automated reply. I love your products. Please don't ever stop selling them! Thanks, "
Emma C.

" I do love this product. I was very apprehensive when I purchased it the first time. I think I saw it in " In Style Magazine. " But, I am over 50 and all of a sudden I couldn't get out of bed! I use to be at work by 6:30 to 7 am every day with no problems. Over the years, I've had more trouble getting to work. It was 9 or 10 in the morning. I was willing to try
anything. Wake up on time does just that. It wakes me up right on time every morning. And I feel good taking it because it's all natural. Now I'm going to try the sleep all night. Again, it's all natural and hopefully it will work. Thank you for great products.
Holly G./, Riverside, CA

" I am so glad I found your product! I have been taking it for 6 days and what a difference it is making in my life. I quit coffee cold turkey and I have not had any withdrawal symptoms. I am happy, content, focused and awake all day long. Thank you so much for making a product that really does work from the first day you take it. I am encouraging all of my friends to try your product. "
Mindy B.

" I just received my WAKE UP ON TIME and used it for the first time last night - LOVE IT! That was very kind to sign the order report; a very nice personal touch. I heard about you in the IN STYLE magazine. "
Stephanie W./ Camas, WA

" I read an article in the Daily News (New York) It works really great. I am a terrible sleeper, and this really helps! "
Patricia E./New York, NY

" This is my second time trying this...I can really tell a difference if I forget to take it...It really makes a big improvement in my mornings!! Also, I don't get any fast heart rates like some of the other caffiene drinks or pills. Thank you very much!!! "
Jan J./Villa Park, IL

" I heard it on the local NBC news station here in Chicago, and this is my 2nd time that I'm ordering it. It has really helped my problem of not getting on time in the morning, so I DEFINETLY recommend it to people who have trouble waking up in the morning. It's worked wonders for me. I actually feel pretty refreshed when I wake up in the morning. Very happy that this product is on the market. Would love to do a paid endorsement for your company, I can certainly vouch for Wake up on Time. Thanks guys.... "
John A./Chicago, IL

" I read about your product in Women First Magazine. I am on a blood thinner and need to be very careful with my supplements. (I take a boatload everyday) When I read about your product and the ingredients in it...I knew I could safely take this product. Most people would love my problem...I can sleep 24 hours...however I need to be up bright and early. " Wake Up On Time " arrived yesterday. I took 2 pills just before I went to sleep at 12:30 a.m (Olympics - can't stop watching them). At 6:30 this morning I awoke with energy, not feeling groggy or thinking " just another hour " . It looks as if I am going to sign up for your autoship. This product is amazing!!! Belief In Abundance, "
Eileen P./Lake Worth, Fl.

" I have ordered previously, and had finished my bottle. I do believe that Wake Up On Time works. I do not take it continuously, but when I do take it, I believe I can tell a difference. I heard about this product on Steve & D.C. Radio Show. Thank you!
Teresa B./Jonesboro, IL

" I learned about your product through an internet search. I was trying to find something that would wake me up in the morning. Through various keyword searches, this product came up. This is my third time ordering. I love the product. I will use it for as long as it works for me. Thanks! "
Shannon B./Fort Lewis, WA

" I heard about it on the radio about a year ago and have been using it ever since and I can really tell a difference so thank you! "
Vicki D./South Jordan, UT

" I first read about " Wake up on Time " in the magazine " Woman's World " I have been taking at least 8 months just not sure exactly when I started. There is nothing better. I have been out for this last week, I forgot to order, anyway I have felt terrible, tired, sluggish not wanting to get out of bed, so I now have full proof that this vitiman is just the best thing I have ever taken. It gets me up and helps me to take a 2 mile walk on cool morning. It's just great. Can give it enough praise.Thanks so much! "
Kellie D./ Holton, KS

" I read about the product in a magazine. I love it and it works wonders. "
Dixie/ Eudora,KS

" I am not a morning person, and never had been either. The older i get, it gets worse. I tried " Wake up on time " , i was vey impressed on how this worked.....i am always a sucker for reading ads, ordering product, and nothing never seems to work for me..........needless to say, i am glad i was a sucker for reading this ad...because it did not let me down. It works....thanks for making this great pill. "
Beth H./Mt. Holly, NC

" I was having a hard time getting up to go to work and especially on weekends I would sleep in until 10:00 11:00AM and still would feel sluggish. I noticed it started working for me right away. I take two every night before I go to be. I only wish a bottle had 60 pills in it. I did not know it was not a month supply. I still have some left. I would recommend it to anyone who has a hard time getting up in the mornings like I did. "
Jennifer G./Ravenna, OH

" I tried it last night for the first time and could hardly stay in bed past the 7 hours just I jumped up and got busy. Too bad I can't take it in the morning, too, so I can keep going all through the afternoon and evening. "
Emma C./Oklahoma City, OK

" I read about your product in a magazine ad int he back pages with all the other ads and so far so good; i take the pills before bed and i wake up without a problem once my alarm clock goes off. I also do not get tired during the day. "
Zuzanna S./Saddle Brook, NJ

" I heard about your product on our local news. I puchased it for my son, who is a college student and has had nothing but trouble getting up in time for class....untill he started using Wake Up On Time. It has changed his life. It is working so well for him! His professor is amazed at the huge difference in him in the morning. Thanks a million! "
Charles B./Los Angeles, CA

" I received my 1st order in just a few days & took my 1st 2 pills last night. WOW!! What an AMAZING product! I am definitely satisfied! Thanks so much for creating this life saver! "
Lisa/Sherman Oaks, CA

" I initially heard about the product via a newspaper article in the NY Daily News last year. I have ordered twice before and was pleased so thats why Im ordering again. I hope it has the same effect especially now since I have to get up earlier for work. I only take one at night and that seemed to do just fine. I look forward to getting it. "
Dorian A/Brooklyn, NY

" I have received my order and thank you very much. I have been using your product for some time now and really like it a lot. When I placed this order, it was because I was waiting for my regularly scheduled order to arrive and had run out of product. I didn't want to be caught again without it. Ever since I can remember, I have not been a " morning person " and have always had trouble getting up in the morning. Your product has changed that. I still don't jump up singing, but at least I can get my eyes open and my feet out of bed without major effort and believe me, for ME, that's saying a lot!! "
Sharyn G./Gainsville, FL

" This is my reorder. I use it for afternoon alertnessso I take it about 7:30a.m. and so far it is working well. It seems to prevent that 3-4p.m. crash! Thanks again. "
Dana S./New York, NY

" I heard about it in Womans World Magazine. I love it. I share the order with a co-worker. she loves it also. I usually only take it when I have to work the next day. It seems to take the fog out of my morning and I can think clearly. Thanks for the help. I also have my own business I am a lia sophia (jewelry) Advisor. Now that my business is really taking off I plan to take it everyday. I want to share it with my friends and family. "
Cindy L.

" This my second order of three bottles. This product is amazing. I hope to never find myself without WUOT. I call them my magic pills. "
Emma C./Oklamhoma City, OK

" I really like your product! It helps give me the extra push I need. I heard of your product from a friend,who also heard of it from a friend. Thank You Again! "
Dorothy H./Houtzdale, PA

" I read about the product in Woman's World Magazine. I have order several times and love the product. I truly feel better in the mornings when I take Wake Up On Time at night. Thanks, "
Robbi/Odessa, TX

" You were on one of the local news here in Orlando (I would guesschannel 6). I had ordered one bottle for my son and it seems to work really well for him. He just requested more of your product, since he is back in college. "
Thank you.
Ronald/Littleton, CO

" Without a doubt your product worked from day 1, I am very skeptical when trying new products, but you guys nailed it. This product does what you promise and more. I feel young and alive again with no side effects. "
Charlene H./Port Saint Lucie, FL

" Thank you so much for making this pill. I've been waiting for this my whole life. It's so good of you to make this affordable. This is going to change my life! Blessings, "
Adam K./New York, NY

" I heard about it on HARO. My 17-year old son loves it! He has to be out of bed by 6:15am each morning for school and he says that's been so much easier since using Wake Up on Time. "
Cara K./Savage, MN

" I read about it in serveral magazines and honestly IM RUNNING OUT TOO QUICKLY! This stuff is GREAT! I can get up in the morning and do all those things I dont have time to do in the evening. My house is cleaner. I have time for a morning workout. And I have time to cook a healthy breakfast. I always said I wish there were more hours in the day and now thanks to Wake Up On Time, Ive found a way to MAKE more! Thanks, I'll definatly be reordering! "
Karen H./East Wenatchee, WA

"Signin' in the shower. Love it!!"
Heidi Kelien-Line, Marshall Ml

"Better than others! it really works well with no side effect at all. "
A.R.Houston, TX

"Excellent ingredients! Been using it for a while, it do take other things but i know it works, because of the excellent ingredients! "
A.R.Houston, TX

"Ya go away gray i really love these pills! Although they did not stop the gray, they sure did slow it down and i can go twice as long without coloring! I noticed that my most recent order was an improved version, So i am hoping to gain even more. I would definitely recommend this product!"
E.S.San Clemente, CA United States

"Results! I was surprised how quickly I received the product. I had used three bottles already and ran out while on vacation. I definitely could see my color coming back, even my hairdresser said she thought there was more color. I will be carious to see what happen after three bottles. "
Janice Rockwell Sun River, MT United States

"Fantastic Product! Sleep Tight All Night is the best natural product i've had(and i've tried a lot! that allows you to go to sleep easily and stay sleep all night. I've be a light sleeper for a number of years and this product let to have a great night sleep and wake up feeling super refreshed. There is no groggy sensation the next day at all. Thanks so much Rise-N-Shine for this wonderful product! "
Andrea Auckland,New Zealand

"Light'n up! buy two! get one free. Very good experience. Have ordered before and always a good experience. "
Kathleen kardash Eagleville ,PA United States

"Beautifying. This product make my hairs stronger and thicker. (I am 66 yrs old with thinning hairs) it also has changed my eyebrows from white to dark brown again. My hairs are slowly changing from white to dark again. It's wonderful product for your hairs and it works! "
Jean Corio Tampa, FA

" Go away gray!! I saw this product in morning show and i tries it for a while now. Now i can really tell a difference.I haven't dyed my hairs since i used the product. The best thing is that now my hair are much fuller and these are less gray hairs. Now a couple of my friend are using this product and they are really satisfied with the product. I absolutely recommend this product to others. "
Helen Lam Newton ,MA

" Sleep Tight All Night Fabulous product...! I slept deeper and better than i have A LONG, LONG time!Felt better rested too! "
Robyn Hadzeriga Edmond, OK

" It does work! i have been using this product for approximately six month now and i have see results. Before starting the product my hair was almost completely white and afte six plus month of use my hair is salt and pepper areas of new black hairs replacing the white hair. My mustache and eyebrows are about a 50/50 mix and before a product they were completely white. The product has worked for me and i have recommended it to others. Thank you! "
JP Melbourne, FL

"Go Away Gray! - I swear my hairs look darker.. Worst case scenario, I get some good nutrients. Thanks for fast shipping. "
Tucson, AZ

" Go Away Gray! Yes, it really works! "
Martin Snyder Simi Valley,CA

" The product seems to be ok! "
Amir jab AB Canada

" I love this product and recommended good product! "
Tom Sparta, NJ

" I heard about your product from my hairdresser, silly!, and she heard it from a client after seeing the results, and I share my order with others and tell others...Which is pretty much word-of-mouth but I don't see either that or hairdresser/salon on your drop down. Or maybe you should have "gossip" on there?? :) :) I love your product!!! " Go Away Gray "
A. Parrott, Kimberly, ID


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