Expert Tips to Wake Up On Time!

May 15, 2017

Expert Tips to Wake Up On Time!

Wake Up On Time™ is an all-natural, time-released energy formula that has been nicknamed an "alarm clock in a pill," "the greatest invention since coffee," and "a replacement for your morning alarm clock." Many who have taken it have said that it has turned them into "morning people overnight!"

What are some other wellness tips that healthcare professionals suggest to wake up feeling bright-eyed each day? 

A good night's sleep is one of the best foundations to stay healthy and "rise and shine" every day!

The experts at the National Sleep Foundation recommend: 

  • Setting a regular bedtime and morning schedule each day of the week, including the weekends;
  • A regular daily exercise routine to increase energy during the daytime and promote restfulness at night;
  • Sleep on comfortable and supportive mattress and invest in quality supportive and comfortable pillows - uncomfortable bedding can increase the possibility of an uncomfortable night's sleep, which can lead to difficulties in waking up in the morning on time; 
  • Avoid naps if they impact difficulty in sleeping at night; and,
  • Evaluate your sleeping environment - if light or noise are distracting, invest in eyeshades, for example, to block out the light, or earplugs to muffle noise. A fan can additionally help to create white noise and a restful environment. Temperatures should be set at 60 to 67 degrees - too much heat can cause a restless night's sleep. 

Other tips? 

The experts at WebMD also advocate:

  • Eating a balanced diet - too many sugars and fats can make a person feel sluggish during the day. Starting out with a protein breakfast, like eggs and whole grain toast, can give a person an energizing start. Smaller and healthy meals and snacks also help. 
  • Drinking plenty of fluids and especially water - staying hydrated helps to boost one's energy, since dehydration is associated with fatigue.