Frequent Traveler Reviews Wake Up On Time

July 28, 2017

Frequent Traveler Reviews Wake Up On Time

Traveling whether for business or pleasure can take its toll on a person's sleep patterns. Flights at unusual hours, jet lag and sleeping in hotel beds can all upset a person's normal body rhythms.

Many travelers turn to Rise-N-Shine's Wake Up On Time to help regulate their body clocks. One of these people is our customer Kelly, from Seattle, Wash. 

"I travel a lot and heard Wake Up On Time reviewed during a newscast in Los Angeles (I live in Seattle) about six months ago. This is my third shipment. I'm very impressed. It works well. I am not a morning person at all, have never been. I like that I wake up feeling like I should...naturally. I have other reasons I should take extra B vitamins so it is a double bonus for me. The product is great."

Wake Up On Time is unique in that it's taken before bedtime to make waking up in the mornings easier! This high-quality, patented energy blend is made in the USA from natural ingredients and is non-GMO. The secret is in its time-released coating, which begins working within six to eight hours of a good night's sleep. From there, it delivers vitamins, amino acids and herbs when it matters most...when the alarm clock rings. 

People like Kelly who aren't typically morning people say it has literally turned them into "morning people overnight!" They also call it an "alarm clock in a pill," the "greatest invention since coffee and a "replacement for the morning alarm clock."

Wake Up On Time is sold in Walmart stores nationwide. It's also available on,,, and other brick and mortar and online retailers. Click here to order Wake Up On Time on Rise-N-Shine's website today!