How to Fight Fibromyalgia with Nutritional Supplements

June 02, 2017

How to Fight Fibromyalgia with Nutritional Supplements

Fibromyalgia, also known as Fibrositus, is a debilitating condition that can leave a person fatigued and dealing with chronic muscle and joint pain. Particular supplements, such as Omega-3 can help to reduce inflammation. Vitamin D works to relieve pain and fatigue. Magnesium supports the body in reducing tender points. 

What are some tips that experts give to help those who battle fibromyalgia? In conjunction with a gluten-free diet, wild-caught fish, coconut oil, turmeric, ginger, magnesium-rich (leafy greens, avocado, yogurt) and melatonin-rich foods (sour cherries, bananas, mint), caffeine is a substance that should be limited and artificial sweeteners eliminated entirely. 

Regular, moderate exercise is suggested, along with massage therapy, and even acupuncture.

What are some of the supplements that Rise-N-Shine has developed which have ingredients that nutritionists advocate to help ease fibromyalgia symptoms? 

B Vitamins: especially and B12 - Wake Up On Time™, Stay Up All-Day™Multi-Vitamin Gummy Vitamins for Adults (a gluten-free formula), Stress Less, Advanced Thyroid Complex, Holy Vitamins!Healthy Joints

Vitamin C - Vitamin C Gummy Vitamins for AdultsMulti-Vitamin Gummy Vitamins for AdultsStress LessHoly Vitamins!, Immune Shield, Blood Sugar Support

Vitamin D - Calcium & D3 Gummy Vitamins for Adults, Vitamin D3 Gummy Vitamins for AdultsMulti-Vitamin Gummy Vitamins for Adults

Magenesium - Sleep Tight All-Night™Stress LessAdvanced Thyroid ComplexHoly Vitamins!, Pro Muscle Enhancer, Blood Sugar Support

Folic Acid -Multi-Vitamin Gummy Vitamins for AdultsStress LessHoly Vitamins!

Ashwagandha -Advanced Thyroid Complex

Melatonin - Melatonin Gummy Vitamins for Adults (gluten-free), Sleep Tight All-Night™

Omega-3 - Omega & DHA Gummy Vitamins for Adults, Organic Flaxseed Oil


Rise-N-Shine's all-natural, made in the USA products are available for purchase on our website, on and, among online retailers. Wake Up On Time™ is available at over 3,000 Walmart locations nationwide. Stay Up All-Day™ and Sleep Tight All-Night™ are both available in select Walmart locations.