How to Sleep Tight All Night...Naturally!

May 25, 2017

How to Sleep Tight All Night...Naturally!

More than 60 million American adults fight insomnia, according to an NPR report, and then fight with their alarm clocks in the morning. What is causing this wakefulness when our bodies need to be restoring themselves through slumber?

Consistently irregular bedtimes, stress, screentime (television, laptops and smartphones) before bed, late-night heavy meals, alcohol, energy drinks, and other stimulant beverages, are among factors that can trigger sleep difficulties.

Many who have lost their connection with Mr. Sandman either toss and turn for hours, or fall into bed exhaustedly and find their eyes popped open within four hours of their night's sleep. Ideally, experts state an average adult should be clocking in about six to nine hours of sleep nightly. 

What are some experts tips to sleep more restfully?

  • Establish a consistent bedtime - hitting the hay on a regular schedule, even on the weekends, is a way to keep sleep on track. 
  • Exercise but not too late - exercise near bedtime can increase wakefulness, but exercise in general is helpful to promote rest. Daily exercise is important, as early in the day as possible. 
  • A heavy and/or spicy meal can cause digestive issues and impact sleep. 
  • Alcohol - though often considered something to wind people down, it disrupts sleep rhythms. 
  • Stimulant beverages - coffee and energy beverages, if consumed, should be limited and especially at night. 
  • Screentime - screentime whether it's television or computers, can increase wakefulness, or also interrupt sleep. 
  • Stress - finding techniques to curb stress can help make for a more restful slumber. Exercise for one, can help to alleviate stress.

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