Rise-N-Shine Products Featured on Better Kansas City Live KCTV5 News

May 01, 2017

Rise-N-Shine Products Featured on Better Kansas City Live KCTV5 News

Three of Rise-N-Shine's products were featured on KCTV5 News, Better Kansas City Live's, Price Chopper kitchen safety segment about avoiding food hazards.

Tracey Hawkins, "Tracey the Safety Lady" highlighted Wake Up On Time™, Stay Up All-Day™ and Sleep Tight All-Night™ to morning audiences on Monday, April 24, 2017. Hawkins endorsed the products for their natural ingredients, including the energy products as safe alternatives for the popular energy drinks on the market.

Rise-N-Shine's Wake Up On Time, Stay Up All-Day and Sleep Tight All-Night on KCTV5 News. Image courtesy of KCTV5 News.

Rise-N-Shine products shared the stage with Nice 'N Clean antibacterial wipes that wipe up peanut butter residue, Char-Broil's Heat Resistant silicone glove for barbecuing, Pickle Juice with extra electrolytes to avert leg cramps, Wowbutter substitute for peanut butter, and Seven Daughters Wine Cans - a safe alternative to potentially breakable wine glasses.


Hawkins prefaced the introduction to Rise-N-Shine's products, with a personal anecdote about energy drinks, in that she needed an energy boost herself one day and then drank two. Hawkins added that she was unable to sleep that night after drinking the beverages. 

"I have not touched an energy drink since," Hawkins explained to show host, Gina Bullard. "I am petrified."

Rise-N-Shine products credited on the ticker during the KCTV5 News segment. Image courtesy of KCTV5 News.

In turn, Hawkins pointed to Wake Up On Time™ and Stay Up All-Day™ and said, "I was excited to see a natural product - and this is a natural product - designed exactly to do that...to keep you energetic...keep you going."

"One is called Stay Up All-Day™, so you take that during the day," Hawkins continued. 

Hawkins also highlighted Rise-N-Shine's all-natural, sleep formula, Sleep Tight All-Night™.

Tracey Hawkins and Gina Bullard with safe food alternatives to avoid food hazards including Rise-N-Shine Products. Image courtesy of KCTV5 News.

"But the one that I like," she said, "and this will turn you into a morning person, is called Wake Up On Time.™ So you take it at night and it is slowly released into your system and you will wake up energetic and ready to go."

"Seriously?" Bullard asked.

"Yes," Hawkins replied, "and it's all natural...it's a pill, it's a tablet, it's a supplement."

"That's amazing!" Bullard exclaimed! "OK - love that!"


Rise-N-Shine's Wake Up On Time™ is now available in Walmart stores nationwide and Wake Up On Time™, Stay Up All-Day™ and Sleep Tight All-Night™ are available in Walmart stores in Texas.