Good Night, Sleep Tight

Rise-N-Shine LLC

Single Bottle
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"Good Night, Sleep Tight is a fabulous product! I slept deeper and better than I have in a LONG, LONG time! Felt better rested too!" Robyn Hadzeriga, Edmond, OK Good Night, Sleep Tight is a new, all natural, deep sleep aide. It is formulated to put you to sleep fast and keep you sleeping all night long! Sleep problems are reaching epidemic proportions, estimated to be the number one health related problem in America. Good Night, Sleep Tight consists of 5 mg of Melatonin plus a Proprietary Blend Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Valerian Root, Hops Flower Powder, Chamomile Flower Powder and Passion Flower Powder.SLEEP STATISTICS*Almost all adults don't get enough sleep and most struggle to get up in the morning. "If we got enough sleep at night we wouldn't need an alarm clock to wake us." -MAYO Clinic* We sleep on average 6.9 hours/day, almost an hour less than a few decades ago.*43 percent of respondents reported that daytime sleepiness interfered with their normal daytime activities, including work.* 30-40% of heavy truck accidents are due to driver fatigue.National Sleep Foundation, Sleep Survey* Almost 74% of all Americans do not get enough sleep each night.* Most will feel sleepy or groggy during the week.* Half of all Americans can not get up without an alarm clock.* Parents of young children lose an extra hour of sleep each night.     

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